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ReSound ONE with M&RIE - April 2021

ReSound® to Showcase the Most Advanced Hearing Solutions at 61st International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Hannover


HANNOVER, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ReSound returns to the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Hannover, Germany to feature ReSound LiNX2, the world’s only Internet-connected full family of Made for iPhone hearing aids available.

The world leader in award-winning Smart Hearing aids, ReSound will continue to advance the discussion at EUHA on how to support hearing health care professionals in their task of creating highest satisfaction for people with hearing loss, during fitting process and day-to-day life. The congress is the world's largest hearing care event, and combines a trade exhibition with presentations featuring the latest results from international research.

Attendees and members of the news media are invited to experience ReSound Smart Hearing at the ReSound exhibition found at booth B32. Here ReSound also presents the newly launched and fully featured ReSound LiNXmini behind-the-ear (BTE) model - the world's only mini BTE with Made for iPhone and telecoil.

Providing 30% better speech intelligibility than other premium hearing aids, ReSound LiNX2™ and ReSound ENZO2™ are the only Internet-connected Made for iPhone hearing aids available in a full family of form factors allowing users the freedom to choose their preferred style and enjoy the industry’s most accurate noise reduction without any compromise in speech recognition. Since 2007, ReSound has applied directionality in a unique way that opens up sound for users and avoids "tunnel hearing".

ReSound Smart Hearing aids are paired with the ReSound Smart app, available free of charge in the Apple App Store, and for several Android devices in the Google Play Store. ReSound representatives will provide visitors with interactive demonstrations of the full ecosystem of ReSound Smart Hearing solutions, which allow wearers to stream sounds directly from their iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® to their hearing aids.

ReSound Smart Hearing was the first to leverage our proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless platform, allowing wearers to personalize their hearing like never before by eliminating any intermediary device and delivering the power of direct control over hearing aid settings through the ReSound Smart app. ReSound’s industry-leading technologies put customization at the users’ fingertips, allowing wearers to make adjustments in real-time based on personal preference and listening environment.

ReSound’s full family of Smart Hearing aids improve hearing outcomes for people of all ages and for all types of hearing loss. The ReSound Smart Hearing portfolio provides solutions for children, teenagers and adults, including those with mild-to-moderate or severe-to-profound hearing loss.

EUHA is at the center of the latest in health care innovation,” said GN Hearing CEO Anders Hedegaard. “There is no better place for ReSound to feature our portfolio of Smart Hearing solutions as we drive the discussion on innovations in audiology and hearing care that tackle important obstacles to achieving even higher user satisfaction and more effortless, natural hearing for users of ReSound products worldwide.

ReSound’s revolutionary portfolio of Smart Hearing aid technology is available through a global network of hearing care professionals. Consumers can find more information by visiting or the ReSound Expo Page on AudiologyOnline

About GN Hearing

GN Hearing is a leading international developer and manufacturer of innovative hearing healthcare solutions committed to let people hear more, do more and be more than they ever thought possible. The company has reinvented the hearing system with its revolutionary ReSound Smart Hearing aids that give impressive sound and personal freedom to hearing aid users through wireless smartphone and tablet connectivity. ReSound is part of GN Group comprising a unique portfolio of medical, professional and consumer sound solutions that make life sound better through its research, insights, and expertise in sound.

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