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ReSound iSolate™ Nanotech Reduces Moisture Related Repairs By 50%

Hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound, is using a protective coating for hearing instruments that has resulted in a 50% reduction in moisture related repairs.

Minneapolis, MN, March 15, 2011 - - ReSound, the technology leader in hearing solutions, has released results from a recent study into the iSolate™ nanotech protective coating for hearing instruments.

In a review of 50,000 hearing aids sold, the iSolate™ nanotech protective coating was shown to decrease moisture and debris related repairs by 50% in the first six months.

"The benefits of iSolate™ nanotech become more evident with time," said Jennifer Groth, Global Audiology, ReSound. "We expect even better results at the 9 - 12 month mark."

iSolate™ nanotech works by coating all elements of the hearing aids with a thin protective layer that bonds at a molecular level with the internal and external components, shielding them without affecting their performance. Liquids or moisture coming into contact with any element of the hearing aids - including internal elements - will simply roll off without being absorbed.

The ReSound iSolate™ nanotech technology treats completed devices, not just individual vulnerable components as others may do. The application process, which is done in a vacuum chamber, ensures global coating of all components inside and out.

"With iSolate™ nanotech, we're able to offer more durable hearing instruments that have greater resistance to moisture, humidity, oil and wax," said Groth. "This translates into more satisfied patients and fewer returns and repairs."

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