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Second-Year Au.D. Students Nominated for AFA Outstanding Student Award

Lafayette, IN -The Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) is proud to announce thirty-one nominations for its 2007-2008 Outstanding Au.D. Student scholarship awards. Awards of $4,500 will be given to two second-year residential Au.D. students through this program.

The Outstanding Au.D. Student scholarships were established to recognize and support the "best and brightest" of Au.D. students. Winners will be announced in mid-June, and students will be honored at events held at their universities. These scholarships are funded through a grant from the Oticon Foundation, also known as the William Demant and Wife Ida Emilie Foundation.

This year's nominated students are:

Dionna Prow - A.T. Still University/Arizona School of Health Sciences
Michelle Harker - Ball State University
Kristin Ciongoli - Bloomsburg University
Camie Wheeler - Central Michigan University
Melissa McNichol - James Madison University
Tasha Edwards - Lamar University
Brittany Day - Missouri State University
Kelli Wright - Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium
Claire Yeargers - Ohio State University
Felicia Stallings - Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Andrea Edgerton - Purdue University
Jacqueline Busen - Rush University
Irina Shterenberg - The Graduate Center - CUNY
Mary Carson - Towson University
Christina Dambra - University at Buffalo
Ryan Whitaker - University of Arizona
Stephanie Godelfer -- University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Elizabeth Willig - University of Cincinnati
Samantha Glover - University of Connecticut
Kelli Murphy - University of Kansas
Caitlin Rawn - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Gregory Genna - University of Pittsburgh
Benjamin Russell - University of South Florida
Erin Castioni - University of Texas- Dallas
Jared Meyers - University of Utah
Heather Zingler - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lindsay Rentmeester - Vanderbilt University
Alison Mensi Brockmeyer - Washington University in St. Louis
Hillary Swain - University of North Texas
Holly Anne Morlas - University of South Alabama
Suzie Ip - Long Island Au.D. Consortium
The AFA is a non-profit foundation founded in 1989 to lead audiology's transition to a doctoring profession with the Au.D. as its unique designator.
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