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Siemens Helps Hearing Health Care Professionals Take Their First Step Toward More Office Efficiency

Hearing Professionals Receive New Software Package FREE from Siemens

PISCATAWAY, NJ -Siemens Hearing Solutions introduces the Practice Navigator™ FirstStep™ edition, a NEW and completely free office management software system for Hearing Health Care Professionals. FirstStep belongs to the Siemens Practice Navigator family of office management software systems. Siemens created FirstStep so Hearing Health Care Professionals could experience first-hand increased efficiency through the time saving features that Practice Navigator provides for a busy practice. The FirstStep software system was mailed to more than 3000 Siemens Hearing Health Care Professionals during the month of November 2001.

Designed to enhance the way a Hearing Health Care practice is run, FirstStep offers many of the basic features found in the Practice Navigator™ Professional edition. It includes a new, easy-to-use, electronic, custom products order form, which ensures that the information entered in the form is valid by allowing Hearing Health Care Professionals to choose only from the available options. When the order form is printed, it also includes a bar code that contains all the order information. Then when that order form is received at a Siemens production facility, the information is simply scanned and is instantly entered into the production system. This helps speed up the production process and reduces errors by eliminating the need to manually enter the order in the Siemens system. Plus, Hearing Health Care Professionals can also use a version of Practice Navigator's electronic order form to order from other vendors.

With FirstStep, Hearing Health Care Professionals receive other time saving features that enable them to manage patient and hearing aid data, track devices, run reports and much more.

For Hearing Health Care Professionals who desire more advanced features and expanded functionality, or those considering upgrading to NOAHä 3.0, the Practice Navigator Standard edition was created for them. It features a set of powerful tools and an intuitive user interface that makes it incredibly simple to take full advantage of NOAH™ integration. All the data stored in NOAH is accessible through Practice Navigator and there are many other powerful features available including detailed patient demographic information, hearing instruments and fitting data, purchase orders, mail merge and network capability.

For even greater efficiency and integration, the Practice Navigator Professional edition is available and packed with ALL the same advanced features and expanded functionality of the other editions, plus more! The Professional edition includes an expanded mail merge option, outcome measure questionnaire templates, financial tools, invoicing, insurance billing and inventory control.

No matter which edition of Practice Navigator Hearing Health Care Professionals use, all provide a link directly to Online@SHI, Siemens e-business Web site. With Online@SHI, they can place orders, track order status, check account balance, make payments and much, much more.

''Siemens is very proud to introduce this very special new product,'' said Bill Lesiecki, Director of Software and Diagnostic Systems. ''It's absolutely free. No strings attached. It's our way of encouraging you to get started with an office management software system and helping you take your first step down the path to greater business success with absolute ease.''

Hearing Health Care Professionals who did not receive a copy of this CD-ROM in the mail, which includes the FREE FirstStep software, can contact a Siemens Sales Representative at (800) 333-9083 to request one.

Headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc., designs, engineers and manufactures digital, digitally programmable and conventional hearing aids, in all custom and behind-the-ear models, as well as a wide array of assistive listening devices, such as amplified phones, which help improve the quality of life of the hearing impaired. Visit for more information.

The company operates as a subsidiary of Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany, one of the largest suppliers of medical technologies in the world, offering complete integrated solutions comprising innovative medical devices, advanced information technology and consulting services that increase efficiency of the healthcare system while improving the quality of care to patients worldwide. Siemens Medical Solutions develops and manufactures a broad range of medical equipment including imaging systems for diagnostics, radiation therapy equipment for treatment, audiological products, life support and patient monitoring systems, anesthesia equipment and information technology solutions. Employing 28,000 worldwide, in fiscal 1999/2000, the Company reported new orders of 5.3 billion Euro and sales of 5.1 billion Euro. For more information visit

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