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Signia Conversation - March 2024

Siemens New ASPIRE™ Offers Quality Instant Fit


Siemens introduces ASPIRE™, a new cosmetically-appealing, instant fit hearing instrument at an affordable price.

ASPIRE allows patients to get same-day service with just a single visit to a dispenser. No custom shell is required for ASPIRE, which is available in two sizes utilizing the 10-A and 312 batteries. Instead, disposable snap tips that are small, comfortable and are replaced weekly, are fitted onto in-stock right and left models.

Complete with automatic signal processing, ASPIRE offers a clean, distortion-free signal with two-channel, full dynamic range compression circuitry. Two trimpots allow simple adjustment for gain and tone control for a quick and easy fitting.

Designed to fit most mild to moderate losses with varying slopes, ASPIRE will be available in Summer 2001.

Click here to visit the Siemens Hearing Instruments website.

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