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Signia Conversation - March 2024

Siemens SIGNIA™ Line Expands With Smaller BTE


Siemens expanded its premium digital line with the addition of the SIGNIA™ Select Mini BTE. The new BTE has a totally new profile of svelte lines and extremely small mini case, and is the world's smallest BTE with ConTrastä, a signal processing algorithm that uses artificial intelligence.

Like the standard SIGNIA BTE, SIGNIA Select Mini BTE features the TwinMic™ directional system with two microphone programs for customized amplification. With the flip of a switch, the wearer can hear sounds coming from directly in front, or from all directions. The system enhances the wearer's ability to communicate in a group or party situation, a feature particularly appealing to young, more active patients.

The telecoil, which is not necessarily used only for telephone conversation, delivers improved inductive perception of speech and music in theaters and concert halls with induction loop systems. There is a separate program for adjustment of parameters for the telecoil.

SIGNIA Select Mini BTE offers 54 dB of peak gain and a maximum output level of 123 dB (in accordance with ANSI S3.22-1996), and has automatic gain control. It can be fit easily, as all other SIGNIA hearing devices, with the new optimized fitting algorithms in CONNEXX™ 3.4. The mini BTE is also perfectly suited for comparison fittings prior to ordering an ITE, since its receiver characteristics are very similar to those of the SIGNIA ITE.

Available now in beige, tobacco, grey, granite, red, green, blue and yellow, SIGNIA Select Mini BTE is more immune to interference from the high-frequency signals emitted by cordless and mobile telephones due to improved shielding.

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Signia Xperience - July 2024

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