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Signia - Active X - March 2021

Hearing Aids Disguised as Earbuds: The New High-Tech Signia Active X Expands the Market by Delivering Optimized Hearing Performance without the Stigma


Instant-fit Signia Active earbud-style hearing aids offer advanced audiological benefits to help hearing care professionals convince more people to treat their hearing loss 

Piscataway, NJ – March 22, 2021 – Hearing aid innovation leader Signia today announces the general availability of its latest paradigm-shifting hearing aid, Signia Active X, that enhances human performance by delivering breakthrough signal processing technology for optimized hearing in noise. Its convenient earbud form factor allows wearers to pop them in and out as needed for those with normal hearing but who may have difficulty hearing in certain environments. It can also be worn comfortably all day for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Signia Active’s discreet, earbud design ensures better hearing without the stigma, while its portable rechargeability and Bluetooth®connectivity enable wearers to remain connected and perform their best all day long. 

“Signia Active isn’t just a new product. It’s an entirely new category of hearing device that allows our hearing care professionals to reach a new, untapped, and unserved category of wearer,” stated Dr. Tish Ramirez, Vice President of Professional Relations and Product Management. “Consumers want hearing aids that are disguised as earbuds – that improve their hearing without the stigma. Signia Active delivers on this need by providing users with a device that looks as good as it performs.”

Signia Active: A new era in hearing technology

Research studies show that between 12% and 20% of adults with normal audiogram thresholds self-report hearing difficulties, suggesting that these individuals could benefit from a boost in their hearing performance.1,2,3,4 Signia Active features customized technology with advanced hearing support in the functional design of an earbud to attract individuals who might not otherwise wear hearing aids. Backed by Signia’s proven technology, wearers can gain the hearing edge they need no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Whether walking in a crowded street, working in an open-plan office, or dining in a busy restaurant, high-levels of ambient noise make holding conversations a significant challenge – even for those with mild hearing loss. Signia Active addresses these challenges with the true-to-life sound of Signia Xperience technology and its innovative Dynamic Soundscape Processing, which delivers enhanced sound and speech clarity in every situation, even when moving.

Signia Active also features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery; a convenient, portable charging case; Qi charging technology; and Bluetooth connectivity for easy-streaming. Furthermore, its ClickSleeves 2.0 technology enables a quick fit while ensuring the hearing aids remain firmly and comfortably in place.

Signia Active is also ideal for consumers considering the basic over-the-counter hearables that ultimately fail to sufficiently improve one’s hearing. Signia Active performs like an industry-best hearing aid, yet looks like the familiar earbuds that are increasingly ubiquitous in today’s world.

The new hearing aids from Signia are available in two models: Signia Active and Signia Active Pro. Signia Active is a starter option, designed for occasional use by those in need of a hearing edge in noisy situations, while Signia Active Pro is for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Both models are available in the color combinations of White and Rose Gold, Black and Silver, or All-Black.

“Signia has established a reputation for developing breakthrough products that deliver best-in-class performance yet also tap into new, unaddressed patient markets,” stated Signia President Mike O’Neil. “Signia Active is yet another example of a market-expanding product from Signia, and we look forward to working with our hearing care professional partners to grow their businesses through our pioneering hearing devices.”

The Signia app: Modern care around the clock at the tap of a finger

Through the Signia app (iOS and Android), wearers have access to hearing aid controls, streaming capabilities with multiple devices, tinnitus therapy, Signia Telecare for remote care support, the new Face Mask Mode for better speech understanding through masks, and much more. 

The app also includes the Signia Assistant, which leverages artificial intelligence to continuously optimize the performance of the device by learning in real time the wearer’s individual preferences, for the most personalized hearing experience possible.

“The most powerful products in history are those that meet a specific, unaddressed consumer need. Rather than fight over an existing share, they create entirely new categories of consumers that grow the overall size of the market,” concluded Ramirez. 

“Signia Active is a solution for those who have long fought the adoption of hearing aids, but know that they need them. Signia Active is a breakthrough device that shatters the traditional definition of a hearing aid to create a new category of device that enables increased patient conversion and attracts entirely new demographics of wearers.”

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About Signia

Signia is one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands. We aim to enhance human performance through iconic innovations and consumer-friendly designs that shape the hearing health market. Since its launch in 2016, Signia has regularly brought world’s-first hearing solutions to the market and is a pioneer in rechargeable hearing technology. 

In addition to highly innovative hearing aids, Signia also delivers tools and apps to increase customer interaction and engagement at all levels of hearing aid management. Signia, and its hearing care professionals, enable hearing aid wearers to not just correct hearing loss but to gain an edge – to Be Brilliant. 

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