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Sonova Opens Global Hearing Institute in China


Staefa, Switzerland – May 8, 2017 – Sonova officially opened its first Audiology Training Center in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. The Sonova Global Hearing Institute is a state of the art training center for current and future hearing care professionals. The Hearing Institute has been established to provide current and future hearing care professionals with the latest theory in hearing rehabilitation practice  and the relevant practical experience to promote best practice in China and the Asia Pacific Region. There is a severe shortage of audiol­ogy experts and hearing care professionals in China and Sonova hopes to improve awareness and enhance the training of clinical practitioners in China. The training facility hosts the latest in Audiological assessment equipment for testing of babies through to adults, as well as the latest innovations in educational technology.

 Speech by Mr. Leonard Marshall

Speech by Mr. Leonard Marshall, VP Hearing Instruments Wholesale Asia Pacific

The center will also be the training ground for the Swiss International Hearing Academy’s full hearing care professional course which is a blended learning program consisting of web based learning, face to face workshops, practical sessions and assessments which is expected to start enrolling students in 2018.

Sonova Headquarters
Co-operations with local and international government and academic institutions open the center facilities to learners in the wider community and international key opinion leaders in the field of Audiology.
"The establishment of the Sonova Audiology Training Center in China is one of the important strategies for the development of Sonova in the Asia Pacific region and reflects our commitment to China and the Asia Pacific market," Vice President of Sonova Asia Pacific Leonard Marshall said. “Through this initiative we create a state of the art practice space for current and future hearing care professionals, and continue to meet customer needs, create a win - win cooperation model for Asia Pacific, and even for the global hearing care industry”.

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