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Oticon Medical - BAHS - January 2024

A Special Product for Cochlear Implants


We partnered with Advanced Bionics to develop a custom T-Mic Retainer for use with the Platinum BTETM and CII BTETM processors. The T-Mic Retainer is designed to secure the BTE processor in place and to position the T-Mic in an optimal location in the pinna.

The T-Mic Retainer, available exclusively from Westone, is made of soft vinyl material in a variety of colors (as well as clear). To order, request Westone Earmold Style #2 (skeleton) and reference "T-Mic Retainer" in the special instructions section of the order form.

Please specify if the T-Mic retainer is for use with the Platinum BTE/CII BTE, or the HiResTM AuriaTM, since the design is processor dependent.

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