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Starkey Hearing Technologies Supports 600 audiology Students by Providing Complimentary Access to Seminars in Hearing


Global hearing technology company sponsors academic, audiology-focused journal.

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 22, 2019 – Starkey Hearing Technologies is proud to sponsor Seminars in Hearing, a quarterly review journal that publishes articles on hearing loss, auditory disorders and other issues in audiology. Through this sponsorship, Starkey will provide 600 Au.D. students in the US with a complimentary one-year online subscription to Seminars in Hearing

One of the largest supporters of Au.D. student programs nationwide, Starkey serves as an educational resource for students, helping them to advance their careers and become standout members of the audiology community. 

“We continuously strive to find new and better ways to serve students in the hearing industry. The ongoing goal is to provide the most exceptional value possible,” said Sara Burdak, Au.D., Starkey Hearing Technologies Chief Audiology Officer. “The professional path of hearing health is one that positively impacts many lives, communities and families. We are proud to support students as they pursue this advanced degree.”

Seminars in Hearing encompasses the most up-to-date clinical data, techniques, and technological advances in the field of audiology. The journal serves as an invaluable resource and educational tool to practitioners and students alike. Featured in this quarter’s issue is an article by Dave Fabry, Ph.D., Starkey Hearing Technologies Chief Innovation Officer, titled, “What Gets Measured Gets Done:

Calculating the Value of Professional Service.” It focuses on the improvement of clinical efficiencies through hearing aid diagnostics, service measurement, and the uncoupling of the  professional and the technology. 

“I am thrilled that Starkey is giving this opportunity to so many students,” Burdak added. “By offering access to these materials, they are helping bridge the gap between academia and industry.”

About Starkey Hearing Technologies

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