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Cochlear Osia System - June 2024

Student Newsletter Available Online

West Lafayette, IN

Are there new Au.D. programs available? What are the benefits of getting an Au.D. degree? Should you pursue a master's or doctoral degree in audiology? These are just some of the topics covered in the AFA's student newsletter, ProAuD (pronounced proud).

Feature Articles
The newsletter is published biannually and is available online. The Spring issue features an article by Dr. Micheal Hartman, an audiologist practicing in Davenport, IA. Dr. Hartman discusses the personal and professional benefits of having an Au.D. degree. Also featured in this edition is information about some of the new residential Au.D. programs.

Professional Symbol Contest
Did you know that the AFA is sponsoring a professional symbol contest? Many professions have a symbol but not audiology. Audiologists and audiology students now have the opportunity to design a symbol for their profession. Information about the contest and an entry blank appear in the newsletter.

What's happening at NAFDA, the audiology students' professional organization? Check out the 'NAFDA News' section of ProAuD for an update.

To view the newsletter and learn more about what's available for today's audiology student, visit the Oticon sponsored ProAuD website:
Signia Xperience - July 2024

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