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Cochlear Service Report - January 2024

Student Newsletter Available Online

West Lafayette, IN - Are there other professions that are experiencing changes similar to those which Audiology has experienced? What options do recent graduates with a Master's degree in Audiology have, if they want to pursue an AuD degree? These are samples of the topics discussed in the Fall issue of the AFA's Student Newsletter on our ProAuD (pronounced proud) website. The Newsletter is published biannually and available online.

Feature Articles

The Fall issue features an article written by Susan Paarlberg, Executive Director of AFA. Ms. Paarlberg discusses the changes that are occurring in Pharmacy and Physical Therapy, which parallel the changes which Audiology has experienced. Also featured in this edition is an article about auditory 'annoyances' written by Curt Williams, Director of Clinical Studies and Education for Oticon, Inc.

Scholarships for AuD Students

Eight students, representing five AuD programs, received merit based Alliance Fund Fellowships of $2500 each for the 2001-2002 school year. The Alliance Fund Fellowship program is being replaced by the Outstanding AuD Student Awards, which will be more appropriate for current professional educational needs. Information about the new scholarship is provided in the newsletter.

Career Brochure Available

What is a Doctor of Audiology? Is there a demand for Doctors of Audiology? Which schools/colleges offer an AuD degree? The AFA has developed a new brochure for students and academic advisors, which answers these questions and many more. Information about how to receive copies of the new brochure appears in the newsletter and the brochure is also available online.

To view the newsletter and learn more about what's available for today's Audiology student, visit the ProAuD website:

ProAuD is generously sponsored by Oticon and is guided by the Audiology Foundation of America.
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