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Tinnitus UK Appoints Caroline Savage as CEO to Lead Future Growth Plans


Tinnitus UK is delighted to announce Caroline Savage has been appointed as its new Chief Executive Officer after a successful period as Interim CEO.

Caroline said: “The growing critical need for what Tinnitus UK does, combined with the drive, commitment and expertise of the team made my decision easy. Together with our award-winning support resources we have a strong foundation to build on for the years ahead. We will develop and deliver even better services and work even harder to increase investment in tinnitus research.” 

Caroline has 25 years of broad charity and voluntary sector experience, including working with health, arts and international development organisations. Caroline has extensive leadership and Director level expertise in defining and delivering strategies to grow income and service development, to increase the reach and impact of organisations. 

Lynne Gillon, Chair of Tinnitus UK, said: “We are very pleased that Caroline put herself forward for the role after her impressive tenure as our interim CEO. We look forward to Caroline’s leadership in our continuous quest to support more people who are affected by tinnitus, whilst searching for a cure.”

About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a sound when there is no external source for that sound. Someone with tinnitus may hear ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling or other noises. Tinnitus can be there all the time or come and go. The volume of someone’s tinnitus can vary from one episode to the next.

Tinnitus comes in many types, but Tinnitus UK is here for everyone living with tinnitus. 

We are striving for a world where no one suffers with tinnitus. 

That’s why we provide free support to anyone with tinnitus or caring for someone with tinnitus.
That’s why we are leading the charge for more investment in tinnitus research.
That’s why we are connecting the research community to people living with tinnitus to ensure those searching for new treatments and a cure understand the impact of tinnitus on everyday lives.
That’s why we work with healthcare professionals to ensure you receive the right information to manage your tinnitus.

For every seven adults in the UK, one will have tinnitus. Think about that the next time you’re in the supermarket, on the bus, or walking down the street. Tinnitus affects 7.6 million people in the UK – with 1.5 million of them having severe tinnitus. 

To everyone living with tinnitus our message is clear – your struggle is our cause.

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