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Unitron and Lori Merge!


Unitron is pleased to announce that they will be merging with Lori Medical Labs, a hearing aid manufacturer based in Minneapolis, MN.

Unitron believes that by working hand-in-hand, both companies will have a stronger position in the hearing healthcare industry. And that can only mean good things for everyone involved.

Not only will Unitron and Lori benefit from this merger, but so will the customer.

*The entire line of Unitron hearing aids will continue to be made available. In addition, Lori products, including their high-quality ITE and CICs will also be available.

*Unitron will continue to provide customers with the great service that they have come to expect. In fact, support will increase, because in addition to Unitron's dedicated sales force, they will be taking advantage of Lori's experienced inside sales force.

*Unitron will be moving it's U.S. operation to the Lori facility in Minneapolis at the end of October, thereby allowing Unitron's manufacturing capability to increase.

*The merger between Unitron and Lori will lead to increased strength for the combined company. The result will be a stable company that will have a long and rewarding future.

Unitron is proud of the upcoming merger with Lori Medical Labs. Lori is a company that has a philosophy very similar to Unitron's: it is a philosophy that puts the customer first.

Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-265-8255 in Canada; 1-800-521-5400 in the U.S.; 1-519-895-0100 Internationally with any questions.

U.S. customers are asked to continue ordering products through Unitron's Port Huron office until further notice.

Click here to visit the Unitron Hearing website.

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