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Unitron Hear Life - November 2023

Unitron Expands Access to Hearing Care and Launches “Unitron For You” to Assist Individuals Who Lack the Means To Obtain Hearing Aids


Unitron is collaborating with hearing care professionals to provide quality hearing care at minimal cost for hearing-impaired persons of limited means 

Unitron, US  (July 13, 2021)  -- Unitron envisions a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and lives life without limitations. It is with this belief in mind that Unitron has announced the launch of “Unitron For You,” a hearing assistance program developed to supply hearing aids and earmolds at minimal cost to patients who cannot otherwise afford hearing aids and do not qualify for Medicaid or any other program to obtain one or more hearing aids.  

Unitron understands the consequences of untreated hearing loss as well as the financial challenges that can prevent access to hearing healthcare care necessities. To help fill the need for amplification for patients who can’t afford hearing aids through any other means, Unitron is joining with hearing care professionals (HCPs) to provide the products and services at a nominal cost to qualified individuals. To qualify for “Unitron For You”, patients must be 18 years or older and will have to provide appropriate documentation to show they meet the program requirements. 

“At Unitron, we support hearing care professionals and patients through every stage of the hearing care journey. We’re so happy that Unitron is able to help fill a great need in the community for hearing care,” said Sandy Brandmeier, President, Sonova U.S. Hearing Instruments. “As a company, we believe cost should not be a barrier to receiving quality care and life-enhancing hearing experiences. We created this program to enable patients who need assistance to receive quality hearing aids at a low cost, providing more patients access to the entire hearing care experience from start to finish.” Unitron For You empowers patients and providers to help fill the hearing assistance gap for the patients who need it the most. 

About Unitron 

At Unitron, we empower people with life-enhancing hearing experiences that fit seamlessly into their world. Our sound performance technology, experience innovations, and intuitive design work perfectly together for unmatched personalization and optimization. Because everyone deserves to Love the experience.TM Unitron is a brand under which Sonova USA Inc. operates in the US and under which other Sonova group companies operate in other jurisdictions. For more information, visit Keep up with the latest news from Unitron on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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