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Signia Conversation - March 2024

Web Site Available to Transfer Hearing Loss From ''dB'' to ''Percentage'' for Medico-legal Purposes


The website is designed to educate the professional in the medical-legal evaluation of noise induced hearing loss. This site contains nine JavaScript calculators that allow the user to enter and analyze audiometric data on-line. Multiple different equations are available along with an explanation and references to guide one in formula selection. Hearing handicaps can be calculated using one of seven different equations. Presbycusis can be estimated using either Robinson-Sutton's and Spoor's equations. Using these equations and the ISO-1999 compression factor, one can estimate future hearing based upon a pre or post employment audiogram. Two additional Calculators determine maximal allowable noise exposure using either OSHA or NIOSH recommendations. There is also an explanation regarding noise exposure recommendations and the prevention of
noise induced hearing loss. See for details.

Signia Xperience - July 2024

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