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Westone Custom Earpieces Provide Clarity, Safety for Wireless Phones


The danger of speaking on a cell phone while driving has been well documented. Now, Westone custom earpieces are available to fit most of the lightweight microphone/speaker combinations on the market, allowing safe hands-free operation.

Westone is also offering a complete package, incorporating the popular Plantronics M140 or M145 voice-activated microphones fitted with a custom Style 26 earpiece. Their standard 2.5 mm plugs fit most cellular and cordless phones, either directly or with an adapter (also available from Westone).

Fitted with a custom Westone earpiece, these compact units provide excellent clarity and comfort. They stay securely in the ear, allowing complete freedom of movement while both hands remain free.

They also work with many brands of cordless phones, making lengthy conversations in the home or office much more comfortable while allowing the wearer to perform other tasks while talking.

For more information, contact Westone Laboratories, Inc., P.O. Box 15100, Colorado Springs, CO 80935, call toll-free 800-525-5071, e-mail, or visit
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