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Widex MySound Wins 2022 Hearing Technology Innovator Award


Breakthrough hearing aid customization tool for Widex MOMENT hearing aids is recognized for being the first to leverage AI to empower sound personalization in the hearing aid market.

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK, November 22, 2022 — Widex Inc. today announced that Widex MySound, a portfolio of AI features that enable intelligent customization of Widex MOMENT hearing aids, has been recognized as a winner in the third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. Recipients were honored for their technological innovation and achievement across 30 product categories. 

Widex MySound was selected in the Assistive Technology & Software: Mobile Apps category for combining the power of artificial intelligence with wearer-intent so wearers can always hear what they prefer in any given environment. Accessible through the award-winning WIDEX MOMENT app, MySound is the first hearing aid technology to leverage AI to empower wearer-driven sound personalization. 

“MySound enables a radically different way of delivering personalized hearing for today's most active, on-the-go hearing aid wearers,” stated Dana Helmink, AuD, Senior Director of Audiology and Clinical Education at Widex. “Instead of having to program the hearing aid in a way that covers all situations one may encounter while out-and-about, MySound allows wearers to customize their hearing experience – quickly and easily – based on both their activity and their listening intent. We are honored that the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards recognized MySound as a first-of-its-kind technology designed to deliver personal, impactful hearing experiences for every Widex wearer.” 

Wearers begin by selecting their activity, such as dining, socializing or watching TV, then choosing their intent, such as conversation, concentration or enjoying music. They can then choose to leverage two different approaches to sound personalization: Made by You or Made for You. Made by You guides wearers to a better sound through a series of A/B comparisons, allowing them to tailor the experience to their exact listening needs. 

Made for You uses AI to draw on tens of thousands of real-life data points, reflecting the preferences and listening situations of other Widex wearers who have used the app previously in a similar situation with a similar intent. In seconds, the wearer is presented with two sound profile recommendations, which can both be listened to before selecting the settings that sound best.

Compatible with all Widex MOMENT hearing aids, the MySound’s 2.0 underlying AI-engine has been updated to include a new customization parameter — compression. With research showing significant variation of compression preferences and performance between individuals and situations, Widex identified it as an essential parameter to personalize. By customizing compression, users can make it easier to hear softer sounds coming from a distance, giving an impression of opening up the environment, or emphasize louder sounds in the environment, giving greater focus to nearer sounds.

The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ is an international awards program designed to recognize and celebrate innovation within the hearing industry. Since its inception, the program has helped raise over $20,000 for hearing charities.

This latest win continues the award momentum for Widex hardware and software technologies. The WIDEX MOMENT app was just selected as a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. The app was recognized in the Software & Mobile Apps category for giving wearers complete control over a wide range of features and functionality on their Widex MOMENT hearing aids.

Furthermore, Widex MOMENT Sheer, the company’s latest hearing aid solution, recently took home a 2022 GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Past program winners include Sony’s PlayStation 5, Lenovo’s ThinkPad, Toyota’s Harrier SUV, and Zoom’s video conferencing platform.

For more information on Widex MySound, click here.

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