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Earlens Lifestyle - December 2019

William Demant Holding Expands It's Distribution in Canada


William Demant Holding A/S has acquired the hearing aid company Dahlberg Sciences, Ltd., Canada from American Miracle Ear, Inc. (a subsidiary of Amplifon s.p.a., Italy) for a total sum of USD 3.7 million, of which USD 1.6 million has been paid for goodwill.

Dahlberg Canada's 1999 revenue was CAD 10 million and the operating profit CAD 1 million. Sales today mainly consist of own-manufactured in-the-ear products. Dahlberg Canada has in recent years operated as sub-supplier of various Bernafon in-the-ear instruments.

Dahlberg Canada has 88 employees and will be a sales and distribution company within the Bernafon group, which by the acquisition has strengthened its position in North America remarkably, as Bernafon's current sales in the Canadian market are modest.

The acquisition of Dahlberg Canada will have a positive impact on expectations for the 2000 result, which we will announce on publication of our 1999 annual report on March 9, 2000.

For further information please contact Niels Jacobsen or Vice President Finance Kenneth Aaby Sachse at +45 3917 7100.

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