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Wynd Communications Selected as the Official Wireless Service Provider of the National Campaign for Hearing Health


New Alliance Raises the Awareness of Communications Options for People With Moderate-to-Severe Hearing Loss

Wynd Communications Corporation (a GoAmerica, Inc company)(NASDAQ: GOAM), the nation's leading wireless communications service provider for people with hearing loss, and the National Campaign for Hearing Health (NCHH), the first ever national effort to put hearing health on the national agenda, have teamed up to expand communication options for people with moderate-to-severe hearing loss.

Effective immediately, NCHH is offering visitors to it's website ( the opportunity to subscribe to WyndTell's nationwide, two-way text messaging service, with features designed specifically for people with hearing loss. For each new subscriber who signs up for the service through the NCHH site, Wynd will donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit the National Campaign for Hearing Health's public outreach and advocacy initiatives.

'An important part of our mission is to expand communication options for individuals with hearing loss,' said Kiersten Tomchik, Director of Corporate Relations at the National Campaign for Hearing Health. 'By teaming with Wynd, we have the opportunity to reach thousands of individuals with hearing loss and offer them yet another option to communicate with friends and loved ones.'

'We salute NCHH and their efforts to focus the attention of our legislators on hearing health issues,' said Joe Karp, director of business alliances for Wynd Communications. 'Wynd shares NCHH's commitment to broaden communication options for people with hearing loss, and are pleased with the empowering role WyndTell service will play in those efforts.'

Price and Availability

The new National Campaign for Hearing Health-Wynd promotion was launched nationwide in the beginning of September. Interested consumers should visit the National Campaign for Hearing Health website at for more information about the program and complete details about the offer.

About WyndTell Service

The award-winning WyndTell Service, together with a wireless handheld device, offers users an assistive communication device (ACD) that enables them to communicate virtually anywhere at virtually any time using a variety of two-way wireless communications features. Communication features include Internet, e-mail, TTY, chat, fax, alpha page, and voice through text-to-speech and speech-to-text. WyndTell customers can also retrieve information that's important to them using the optional Go.WebTM service, which enables wireless mobile Web browsing. For AAA members, the WyndTell Service includes complimentary access to AAA Emergency Roadside assistance via the WyndTell Service.

While WyndTell can be used by anyone, its unique combination of features, designed specifically for people with hearing loss, provides users with greater communication flexibility.

About the National Campaign for Hearing Health

The National Campaign for Hearing Health, sponsored by the Deafness Research Foundation, is committed to putting hearing health on the national agenda. The Campaign is working to raise awareness of hearing issues, improve options for those living with hearing loss, and protect those at risk. By advocating for detection, prevention, intervention and research, the Campaign promotes hearing health for all. For more information visit or contact the National Campaign for Hearing Health at 1-800-535-3323.

About the Deafness Research Foundation

Founded in 1958, the Deafness Research Foundation's mission is to make a lifetime of hearing possible through quality research, education and advocacy. For more information visit

About Wynd Communications

Wynd Communications Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of GoAmerica, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOAM), is the nation's leading provider of wireless telecommunications services for people with hearing loss. Wynd is a winner of the California Governor's Award for Excellence in Universal Design and Technology and has been recognized by both the Clinton and Bush Administrations for its commitment to Americans with disabilities. For more information about Wynd Communications and WyndTell Service, visit the Wynd Web site at, or contact Wynd directly at TTY 800-549-2800, voice 805-781-6000.

'GoAmerica' and 'Go.Web' are trademarks of GoAmerica, Inc. Wynd and WyndTell are registered trademarks of Wynd Communications Corporation. Other names are trademarks of their respective owners.

This news release contains certain forward-looking statements intending to qualify for the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, which may affect GoAmerica's business, prospects and results of operations. GoAmerica's business is subject to a number of significant risks, including, but not limited to, risks relating to GoAmerica's ability to increase and maintain its subscriber base, uncertainties relating to the future demand for services in the emerging wireless data services market and GoAmerica's ability to successfully grow its infrastructure, manage expanded operations, integrate acquired businesses, increase or maintain profitability, gross margin, liquidity, and capital resources, increase enterprise sales, leverage its strategic alliances to generate revenue and offer new services. Such risks and others are more fully set forth in GoAmerica's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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