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Why Choose CaptionCall?

March 9, 2018

7 Compelling Reasons to Choose CaptionCall

1 – Captioning Excellence


CaptionCall offers SilkScroll®—a patented feature that sends captions in smaller groupings of text to the phone’s screen for a remarkably smooth flow of captions and easy reading.

Fast and Accurate

CaptionCall uses the latest technology and experienced Captioning Agents to ensure your patients receive the fastest, most accurate captioning service available.

2 – Audio Excellence


CaptionCall is the only captioning telephone that meets the strict amplification standards established by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA-4953) for your patients with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. We also meet the TIA standard for hearing aid compatibility and reduced interference (TIA-1083) for an unmatched audio experience.

Given a nominal input level of 80 dB SPL, here are the CaptionCall output levels:

  • Ringer volume—up to 105 dB SPL
  • Handset volume—up to 121.5 dB SPL

Unlike other IP CTS providers, CaptionCall gives your patients full access to our phone’s powerful amplification regardless of whether the captions are turned on or off.


Your patients will enjoy customizable frequency amplification that adjusts to their specific hearing loss for unrivaled audio quality.

3 – Red-Carpet Service

Installation and Training

Our Friendly CaptionCall Trainers personally deliver and install the phone for your patients.  They also provide hands-on training – all at no-cost!  We don’t leave their home until they are comfortable making and answering calls.   

Quality Employees

Your will also appreciate that all our Trainers are CaptionCall employees, not contracted labor, to ensure red-carpet treatment for each of your eligible patients. 

4 – Rave Reviews

Practitioners Love It!

“CaptionCall has helped our patients stay involved socially with their friends and family, helped them to keep up with business they need to conduct, and ultimately, it has improved their quality of life. And they make it easy for us to provide CaptionCall to our patients by streamlining the process. I highly recommend CaptionCall!” - Darcy Benson, Au.D., Owner of California Hearing Center

Patients Love it!

“After 70 years, I am able to answer the phone for myself. This is the first time since WWII I can understand the whole conversation. Talk about freedom! I have had other ‘helps’ from my audiologist, but none ever gave me the total understanding of what was being said to me quite like CaptionCall. Thank you so much!” - Stan, WWII Veteran

Families Love It!

“My mother had all but given up on trying to communicate by phone. I have received calls from my brother and my sisters, who tell me that they can now have a normal conversation with our mother— something that just hasn’t been possible before. I can’t tell you how happy my mom is now that she can communicate with the family again. I think your phone is fantastic!” - Ann, Family Caregiver

5 – Value Add

Make CaptionCall part of your daily patient offering to:

  • Build patient loyalty by solving a serious problem in their lives
  • Re-engage with tested-not-sold patients
  • Reduce hearing aid returns due to difficulty using the phone
  • Offer a new solution to your eligible patients 

6 - Convenience

Simplified Certification

To certify your eligible patients for a no-cost CaptionCall phone, use the certification submission process that works best for you:

Option 1: Use the CaptionCall Module for noah 4. Visit and download the module from the ‘Professionals’ page, or contact your local CaptionCall representative for the download.

Option 2: Use the CaptionCall website. Visit, click the CERTIFY PATIENT tab, and fill out and submit the online certification form.

Option 3: Complete a hard copy or digital copy of the certification form and submit it via email or fax following the instructions at the top of the form. The form is available through or your local CaptionCall representative.

7 – History of Advocacy

From day one, CaptionCall has been an advocate for people with hearing loss, enabling easy, no-cost access to captioned telephone service. When CaptionCall came on the scene in 2011 with a revolutionary new phone and service, and made it available at NO COST to qualified individuals, it really rocked the industry. Many who could not afford our competitor’s price could finally enjoy this service.

Historically, CapTel-affiliated distributors have been strong proponents of charging the consumer or state agencies for their captioning phones. Not wanting to give their phones away, they lobbied the FCC to require consumers with a hearing loss to pay for a captioning phone. The FCC responded by issuing regulations requiring CaptionCall, and other CTS providers, to charge a minimum of $75 for the phone.

CaptionCall was the only CTS provider who filed a stay request in the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, arguing that the new FCC regulations violated the rights of people with hearing loss as guaranteed by the ADA. Our stay request was granted, and the courts ruled in favor of CaptionCall. We continue to offer the phone at no cost to anyone who has a certified hearing loss.

We will continue to stand as a strong advocate for the rights of people with hearing loss as granted by the ADA. Thank you for supporting our cause!


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