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Cochlear Service Report - January 2024

Cochlear Introduces New Resources for Schools

January 1, 2019

Cochlear is proud to introduce two new resources for schools, the Cochlear™ Classroom+ Connectivity Kit and the Cochlear Classroom+ Monitoring Kit. These new resources are designed to provide educators, educational audiologists and speech-language pathologists with technological support and help with fitting, selection and monitoring of devices for children in schools.

The Cochlear Classroom+ Connectivity Kit comes with the Cochlear Mini Microphone 2+, which can be used with both the Nucleus® and Baha® Systems. The Mini Mic 2+ is a portable alternative to remote microphone technology. It offers significantly improved signal to noise ratio and allows children to hear their best in a noisy setting, like a classroom.

The Cochlear Classroom+ Monitoring Kit comes with all the tools you need to confirm and assess any fittings for children with Nucleus or Baha technology. This allows educators to monitor a student’s device and make sure everything is working properly.

For more information about the new Cochlear resources for the classroom, please visit our ProNews blog:

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