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TECH Talk – Dr. Friedmann - The Slim Modiolar Electrode

March 12, 2020

The Cochlear TECH Talk series features audiologists, surgeons and other experts in the fields of hearing and hearing loss. In each video, they highlight innovations and research related to the cochlear implant industry. To discover more of our Tech Talk series, click here:

In this TECH Talk, Dr. David Friedmann, a neurotologist at NYU Langone Health, discusses several aspects of the Slim Modiolar Electrode. Dr. Friedmann and his team started using the Slim Modiolar as their standard electrode in 2016. In his mind, the Slim Modiolar incorporates the best of what cochlear implant technology has to offer. One reason is because the electrode’s external sheath design optimizes placement, which can impact overall performance. This sheath-based insertion replaces the AOS insertion technique with a stylet. Although this new insertion process may present a learning curve, he believes the improved patient outcomes of the Slim Modiolar electrode make it worthwhile.

Dr. Friedmann also points out that the Slim Modiolar is not necessarily appropriate for all patients. This includes patients with abnormal anatomy, congenital malformations and patients with revision cochlear implants. The reason this is the case is the slim nature of the implant.

There is so much to know and learn about the Slim Modiolar, some of which is not covered in this video. To learn more about this innovation in cochlear implant technology, click here:

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