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Impression techniques for custom musician monitors worn in the ear.

Dale Douglass

August 14, 2006



I have a person coming in for a pair of custom monitors for a musician, and I need to take an impression as they will be worn in the ear. Do I need to do anything special when taking these impressions?


Westone recommends open jaw ear impressions taken past the second bend of the ear canal. The length would be similar to what you might take for a completely in the canal style of hearing aid. Be sure to take a complete impression of the concha bowl and the pinna as well.

About Westone:

Westone Music Products is a division of Westone Laboratories, Inc., ( a company that has over forty years of unparalleled knowledge and experience with the human ear. With over eight million custom products for the ear made, our experience and skill are unsurpassed.

In addition, Westone has been a leader in musicians monitoring devices that are worn in the ear since the early 1990's, having been behind the two most successful musicians monitor product lines in use by touring professionals the world over. Specializing in both custom-fit and universal-fit musicians monitors worn in the ear, with in-house hearing healthcare professionals and musicians on the design and production teams, Westone is the in-ear expert. More information can be found

Dale Douglass is a Product Specialist and in charge of Artist Relations for Westone Music Products

Dale Douglass

Product Specialist, Westone Music Products

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