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Who are Candidates for the Neuromonics Haven Product?

Curtis Amann, MBA

February 17, 2014



How does the new Haven product fit in to the Neuromonics portfolio?  Who are candidates for it?


Thanks for your question.  At the high end of our portfolio, we have the Oasis, which is individualized for each patient.  The entry-level product is the Neuromonics Sanctuary, which comes with three preprogrammed hearing profiles, and the audiologist chooses one based on the patient’s audiogram.  The Oasis delivers a two-phase treatment protocol designed for long-term reduction in disturbance and awareness of tinnitus, whereas the Sanctuary is designed more as a management tool for patients; one that can provide relief in specific situations while they are wearing the device. 

The Haven provides a step between the Oasis and the Sanctuary.  It delivers a Phase 1 stimulus like the Sanctuary, but it can be programmed and individualized, similar to how the Oasis works.  With the Haven, clinicians can provide a more individualized fit for a particular patient.  The Haven also has new features such as a balance control to help deal with asymmetric hearing losses, and the ability to regulate the neural stimulus volume.  It is a nice option between the Oasis and the Sanctuary, and enables Neuromonics to give clinicians a variety of choices for their patients depending on what each patient presents.

With this portfolio of products and treatments, , Neuromonics is moving towards becoming a tinnitus company as opposed to just offering a device that treats tinnitus.  Historically, the Oasis has done a great job in treating the  patientswith more severe, handicapping tinnitus. Typically, the  patient who seeks treatment with the Oasis is one who has struggled with tinnitus for quite a long time, and has seen it debilitate quality of life to a point where he or she needs intervention.  That is a very small number of the overall tinnitus population. 

Given how effective Neuromonics has been  at helping tinnitus patients, it made sense to expand the portfolio with the Haven to address a wider patient population, and deliver the customized music stimulus that has a proven track record. This way, more patients can benefit.  Relief should not be limited to the “worst of the worst.”  We are very excited about making the transition from offering a niche product to becoming a full-service tinnitus company. 

Thank you again for your question and your interest.  For more information, please visit or the Neuromonics Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

curtis amann

Curtis Amann, MBA

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Curtis Amann B.A. (Tulane University), M.B.A. (Tulane University) Curtis is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Neuromonics Inc.  During his tenure with Neuromonics he has been responsible for all Neuromonics Marketing initiatives, Customer Service, establishing new Neuromonics Treatment Providers, as well as, supporting existing Neuromonics Providers throughout the US. 

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