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Communication Partners in Hearing Care
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Cherilee Rutherford, AuD
Live WebinarTue, Oct 20, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #35627Level: Introductory1 Hour
The involvement of family and communication partners in healthcare is a well-established element of person centred care. This course will describe the important roles that communication partners play, explore the impact of hearing loss on family members, and identify practical tools that audiologists can use to involve them in the hearing care journey.

The Oticon Podcast Program - The Role of New Technologies in the Hearing Aid World (Season Eight)
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Don Schum, PhD
Course: #35861Level: Intermediate1.5 Hour
No CEUs/Hours Offered
We are witnessing a rapid pace of new technologies moving from other areas of business, communications and healthcare into our field. Many of these new technologies offer great promise for our field, but along with great expectations also comes the need to examine which of these technologies can offer true new levels of benefit for our patients. In this season, we will talk about the professional issues involved in the decision to embrace new technical possibilities.

Episode 1: Finding a Balance
Throughout any healthcare professional’s life, new opportunities will emerge as new technologies allow for change in patient care. And right now, hearing healthcare is seeing an explosion of new possibilities. But not every new technique is or should necessarily be adopted without careful consideration of the costs and benefits of adoption.

Episode 2: TeleAudiology
The COVID-19 challenge pushed teleAudiology to the forefront of everyone’s mind. But what will happen once the hearing healthcare field gets back to normal over the next year? Now is the time for all hearing healthcare providers to actively decide how distance care techniques can be worked into day-to-day practice.

Episode 3: Sensors in Hearing Aids
Sensors have become widespread in wearable consumer technologies. And these small, low-cost and energy-efficient data gatherers have started to show up in hearing aids. The important questions that need to be discussed revolve around how much hearing benefit can they provide for our patients. Are they a fad or do they offer true care benefits?

Episode 4: The Use of Big Data in Hearing Care
Many areas of healthcare have found ways to improve patient treatment by accumulating data from patients across the country and even across the world. Their knowledge of the effectiveness of different approaches becomes multiplied many times over when a provider can rely not just on their own experience but on the experience of hundreds or thousands of other professionals. But Big Data approaches have yet to gain a solid foothold in our field.

Episode 5: Cloud Computing for Hearing Aids
Despite the advances in the processing power of the digital platforms imbedding in modern hearing aids, there are still times when more processing power is required. And that is where Cloud Computing comes in, where the signal processing, data storage or other digital functions can take place. Despite the potential, the possibilities of Cloud Computing have yet to be fully described in our field.

Episode 6: The World of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is a big, broad term that means many different things to many different people. Understanding what this term and several associated terms mean is essential for the professional to truly understand the role in our field. And for those who are interested into an even deeper dive into the world of AI, we encourage you to check out the Tech Podcast series offered by our colleague, Dr. Annette Mazevski.

Episode 7: Deep Neural Networks
One of the most powerful tools in the world of AI are Deep Neural Nets (DNNs). These processors approach the task of extracting useful information from large amounts of data in a new and unique way. DNNs offer the ability to improve our solutions to some of the most vexing problems faced by hearing aid users. This technology has transformed many other fields. Will it transform Hearing healthcare?

Episode 8: Monitoring the Brain
The job of hearing aids is to feed the brain the information that it needs to allow the user to best understand speech in challenging situations. The question is, can these solutions be improved if the hearing aid knew what the brain was thinking? We are closer to that day than you may think.

Episode 9: A Vision of It All Coming Together
With all of these new possibilities, what will the hearing aid of the future look like? How will the industry raise the bar on patient benefit by incorporating these new approaches? Our research center, Eriksholm, is busy looking towards that future.

Episode 10: Looking Forward
We started the season talking about what it takes for a professional to decide to adopt an new approach into daily practice. As we look forward, we simply have to expect even more changes in the areas of wireless connectivity platforms, battery technologies, AI-based signal processing, etc. With so many focused on what low-cost OTC products may mean for our field, perhaps one alternative is to focus on what new technologies can mean … to the patient dealing with a complex medical condition.

Evidence: Did We Achieve Our Outcomes?
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Lana Ward, AuD
Live WebinarFri, Oct 23, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #35694Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course reviews Oticon’s body of research and considers underlying assumptions to determine if our research achieves the outcomes we set out to provide people with hearing loss. We will cover practical suggestions for including our research outcomes in discussions with patients to further provide hearing care professionals opportunities to differentiate their standard of care.

Oticon CROS: A Revolutionary Sound Experience
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Maegan Mapes, AuD
Recorded WebinarLive WebinarFri, Oct 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #35592Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will review the Oticon CROS solution, which set a new standard among CROS/BICROS hearing aids. With the addition of the revolutionary open sound experience and first ever dual-streaming capabilities, we offer an immersive sound experience for those with single-sided deafness and open up the world to even more people.

The Subjective Evaluation of a New Hearing Aid Fitting
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Don Schum, PhD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #35584Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The final judge of the success of a new fitting will of course be the patient, and the criteria that they use may not always be in line with an objective audiological measure. This course will review some of the issues and options at play when having the patient weigh in on the value of the new devices.

Navigating Genie Software - Fitting and Fine Tuning
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Chalese Buttars, AuD
Live WebinarTue, Nov 10, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST
Course: #34793Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Being able to efficiently and effectively program instruments is an integral part of the fitting process. In this seminar, the step-by-step process with Genie fitting software will be reviewed. In addition, tools available in the software to assist with fine tuning were shown.

Oticon RemoteCare: Overview & Live Demonstration
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD, Amy Bohms
Recorded WebinarLive WebinarTue, Nov 17, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST
Course: #35645Level: Introductory1 Hour
Telehealth services are becoming more common in today’s health care environment with more patients requesting this type of care. Oticon has developed their own eHealth solution called RemoteCare. This session will focus on RemoteCare’s components and benefits. We will also provide a live demonstration of Oticon’s RemoteCare solution.

Implementing Person-Centered Care in Daily Practice: The Ida Institute Change Guide
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Ena Nielsen, PhD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #35478Level: Introductory1 Hour
Getting teams onboard with change can be challenging. This course introduces clinical leads and managers to the Ida Change Guide, an enjoyable and easy-to-use process for involving their teams in the change journey and implementing person-centered care in their clinic.

Personal Protection Equipment and Students with Hearing Loss
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Dave Gordey
Recorded Webinar
Course: #35431Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Children with hearing loss returning to school may encounter teachers and other school-based professionals who will be using personal protective equipment (PPE). This webinar will share data on the effect of different PPE on audibility for students with hearing loss.

Measuring the Effect of a Hearing Aid
Oticon CEU courses
Presented by Don Schum, PhD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #35133Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Our field has developed a variety of standardized approaches to measure the effect of a hearing aid fitting. But in many cases, these audiologically measured outcomes do not necessarily correlate with the patient’s overall assessment of the value of the fitting. This course is designed to take a patient-oriented approach to defining the effects of fittings.