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Exam Preview

Using Roger in the Homes of Children with Hearing Loss

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1.  RM system use in homes ________ the amount of language to which children with hearing loss are exposed.
  1. Increases
  2. Decreases
  3. Doesn't influence
  4. Confuses
2.  When the RM system was used in the home, caregivers:
  1. Produced more overall talk
  2. Produced more talk from a distance
  3. Produced more child-directed speech from a distance
  4. Increased the number of repetitions they produced when talking to the child
3.  When using the RM system in homes, children with hearing loss could have access to about:
  1. 30% more talk
  2. 10% more talk
  3. 50% more talk
  4. 0% more talk
4.  When using the RM system in the home, caregivers reported that the RM system:
  1. was easy to use
  2. was difficult to use
  3. increased the responsiveness of the child
  4. A and C
5.  Recent studies have shown that consistent use of RM systems in children with hearing loss was found to ______their language skills:
  1. decrease
  2. improve
  3. upset
  4. inhibit
6.  One possible limitation of RM system use in the home is:
  1. disruption of the child
  2. losing localization and distance cues
  3. never having access to other talker's speech
  4. A and B
7.  RM system use was found to have a positive effect on _______ at the cortical level.
  1. speech discrimination
  2. speech understanding
  3. speech detection
  4. All of the above
8.  Potential benefits related to RM system use in the home are:
  1. reduction of fatigue and listening effort
  2. number of incidental learning opportunities
  3. facilitation of language development
  4. All of the above
9.  When using the RM system in the home, caregivers reduced:
  1. the number of causal repititions
  2. the number of intentional responses
  3. the number of alerting phases
  4. all of the above
10.  Should all children with hearing loss should be recommended to use the RM system in the home?
  1. No - more research is needed.
  2. Yes - there is sufficient evidence available to support its use in the home.
  3. Not sure. Families should be informed about potential benefits and challenges and make their own decisions.
  4. None of the above

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