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Exam Preview

Learn to Earn the Salary You Deserve: Negotiating Like a Boss

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1.  Based on the speaker, what should be considered when asked "What are you worth?"
  1. Services you provide.
  2. How fast you work.
  3. What specialty work can you add to help grow the current business.
  4. All of the Above.
2.  Which is a TRUE finding of the AAA 2017 Compensations Benefit Survey? Females comprise ____% of the Audiology work force and are making ____% of the average male audiologists salary.
  1. 74%, 74%
  2. 82%, 82%
  3. 82%, 74%
  4. 74%, 82%
3.  Which statement is TRUE regarding an earned degree, gender, and resulting pay?
  1. Educational attainment and additional earned degree(s) eliminates the gender pay gap.
  2. More men negotiate their salary after receiving a job offer than women.
  3. The percentage of men and women that negotiate their salary after a job offer is about the same.
  4. Both men and women feel apprehensive about negotiating.
4.  According to the speaker, WHY is it important to negotiate?
  1. You gain confidence and make a better impression.
  2. You can average a 2-4% increase in a single negotiation resulting in an increase of possibly $2-4 million over a career.
  3. You demand respect from the beginning.
  4. All of the above.
5.  Which is NOT a recommended step/strategy in the negotiation process?
  1. Be flexible.
  2. Aim High.
  3. Make the first offer.
  4. Counter-offer.
6.  What is a VALID way to be flexible in negotiating?
  1. Create a preference chart and use other options (i.e. PTO, flexible hours) to negotiate instead of salary.
  2. Work with your own needs and wants to get to the numbers and don’t have the employer give you information from previous work/employees.
  3. Know that in order to get to what you want, the other party will have to give up something.
  4. Bring in a former contract you may have to make sure they understand your standards.
7.  Which is NOT an important factor to include in a negotiations chart?
  1. CPT codes
  2. Reimbursement rates
  3. Amount of time it takes you to complete a service.
  4. Hearing aid profit margin
8.  What is NOT a trick or avenue to under-estimate profit margins?
  1. Services completed in 1 Day of the week
  2. Fitting a hearing aid on EVERY new patient seen
  3. Medicare reimbursement rates
  4. Hearing aid profit margins
9.  Which are categories to include in the calculation of revenue?
  1. All diagnostics, hearing aids sold, new patients seen
  2. All diagnostics, hearing aids sold
  3. All diagnostics, hearing aids sold, new patients seen, days of work/week
  4. New patients seen, days of work/week
10.  Which is NOT a useful scenario to calculate when negotiating?
  1. Building the practice by adding services.
  2. What the company is currently losing by referring OUT services.
  3. Current practice services and revenue.
  4. None of the above.

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