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20Q: Why All Audiologists Should be Administering Balance Screenings

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1.  Which of the following tests are appropriate to use for balance screenings?
  1. Romberg
  2. Timed Up and Go Test
  3. Berg Balance Scale
  4. All of the above
2.  Which of the following statements is true about the Timed Up and Go Test?
  1. It requires years of learning before the test can be independently administered and scored
  2. The test is quick, does not require much space, and does not require any specialization in vestibular assessment to administer and score
  3. The equipment is cost prohibitive and only available to clinics offering comprehensive vestibular assessments
  4. It allows the examiner to diagnose central versus peripheral vestibular impairments
3.  Where can an audiologists and students learn how to administer and score balance screenings?
  1. In the balance screening test instructions
  2. From instructional videos on the internet
  3. In the research articles that validated the screenings
  4. All of the above
4.  Which balance screening instruction method found the highest ratings of student self-confidence in administering and scoring balance assessments?
  1. When provided with written instructions and hands-on clinical demonstrations
  2. When reading the instructions only
  3. When doing hands on instruction only
  4. Students never felt confident administering balance screenings in all conditions
5.  The most comprehensive inpatient fall risk assessment team consists of which of the following disciplines?
  1. Nurses only
  2. Audiologists and Audiology Assistants only
  3. Audiologists, Nurses, Primary Care Providers, Physical Therapists, and any other disciplines providing observation of the patient or rehabilitative services.
  4. Insurance adjusters and environmental engineers only

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