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20Q: Consumer Reviews Offer Hearing Care Insights

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1.  According to the author, why should hearing care professionals monitor online reviews of their businesses?
  1. Research shows that most consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  2. Online reviews may provide some indication of quality of services and how users relate to them
  3. Online reviews of healthcare is a trend that is expected to grow exponentially
  4. All of the above
2.  Which of the following statements is true about online consumer reviews of healthcare experiences?
  1. Research shows most online consumer reviews of healthcare experiences are fake.
  2. Consumers trust services if there are fewer reviews, but do not trust services when there are a large amount of reviews.
  3. Some research shows that the consumer experience shared in online reviews may relate to health outcomes.
  4. Reviews of healthcare practitioners and services is a fad that is expected to eventually go away.
3.  The author describes a study where analysis of consumer reviews found higher ratings related to more review content (engagement) about which topics?
  1. Money
  2. Administrative processes
  3. Insurance benefits
  4. Positive emotions, hearing and work
4.  What is the advantage of using automated methods to analyze online consumer reviews?
  1. They can analyze large amounts of data quickly to provide a broad understanding
  2. They provide an in-depth understanding of the details in a review
  3. They are more accurate than traditional qualitative methods
  4. They can easily spot and remove fake reviews
5.  What is Natural Language Processing and what is it used for?
  1. A method of automatically translating written text into any language.
  2. A real time captioning method for speech and videos.
  3. An application that helps individuals reduce their accent and learn new languages.
  4. A branch of linguistics, artificial intelligence and computer science that can be used to process and understand large amounts of textual data.

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