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Exam Preview

Differentiate Your Practice with MED-EL’s Distinctive Bone Conduction Technology

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1.  What are the limiting factors in a non-pressure bone conduction system?
  1. Hair, position of the device, gain of the device
  2. Hair, position of the device, skin contact plate
  3. Skin contact plate, position of the device, gain of the device
  4. Skin contact plate, position of the device, cleanliness of the abutment
2.  What makes ADHEAR ideally suited for children with chronic conductive hearing loss due to Eustachian tube dysfunction?
  1. Air conduction thresholds remain stable
  2. Bone conduction thresholds remain stable
  3. Bone conduction thresholds fluctuate
  4. Air and bone conduction thresholds fluctuate
3.  Based on the Osborne study what was the compliance rate of children wearing the ADHEAR system?
  1. 88%
  2. 65%
  3. 43%
  4. 20%
4.  For the patient that was fit with bilateral BONEBRIDGE devices, his etiology of hearing loss was:
  1. Otitis Media
  2. Cholesteatoma
  3. Mastoiditis
  4. Chronic Perforation
5.  In the case study for an adult with viral SSD, which option could be utilized to provide the patient with sound awareness and localization?
  1. Hearing Aid CROS system
  4. Any could be utilized

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