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Signia Podcast Series: Uncovering the Emotional Challenges of Hearing Loss - Interview with Karen Munoz, PhD

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1.  What of the following terms, discussed in the podcast, best describes the relationship between the person with hearing loss and the clinician?
  1. Proactive arrangement
  2. Hearing collaboration
  3. Dual partnership
  4. Therapeutic alliance
2.  Which of the following is NOT a factor contributing to the emotional challenges of a person with hearing loss?
  1. Anxiety
  2. Psychological inflexibility
  3. Depressive symptoms
  4. Income level
3.  The DASS self-report assesses:
  1. Delayed auditory feedback self- rated scale
  2. Speech understanding in noise ability
  3. Attitude of the clinician
  4. Depression, stress and anxiety
4.  The AAQ self-report measures:
  1. Hearing aid candidacy
  2. Hearing aid benefit
  3. Psychological inflexibility related to negative thoughts
  4. Self-reported hearing loss
5.  A key conclusion of this podcast topic would be:
  1. Since emotional challenges are rare in persons with hearing loss, it makes sense to focus on hearing test results.
  2. Some patients just can’t be talked to – even by the most empathic clinician.
  3. It is worth the clinician’s time to engage patients in communication that examines the underlying emotional issues of hearing loss.
  4. Assessing emotional consequences of hearing loss is not worth the time in most cases.

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