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Exam Preview

Technology Validation in Real-World Environments and Design Thinking Solutions, presented in partnership with NAL

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1.  What are the main drivers behind EMA solutions for real-world evidence?
  1. Assessment (EMA) studies can be used to examine complex behavioral patterns related to the benefit of existing and emerging technologies offered today.
  2. Assessment (EMA) studies can capture fluctuations in momentary behavior, and experiences by assessing these multiple times per day.
  3. Increase access to smartphone technologies.
  4. All of the above
2.  A disadvantage of EMA for real-world assessments is:
  1. Absence of a reliable measure to verify compliance i.e. the accuracy of the data is not ascertained.
  2. Defining how frequently the survey should be conducted.
  3. Self-driven events are prone to falsification
  4. All of the above
3.  Which of the following statements is FALSE about EMA research?
  1. Reliability of measures is aggregated across occasions.
  2. Compared to questionnaires EMA studies are typically associated with relatively high participant burden.
  3. EMA research cost is often high.
  4. EMA studies can only be done with smartphone devices.
4.  What is the first step in the design thinking process?
  1. Prototype and develop a solution.
  2. Empathize with your users to understand their problems and motivations.
  3. Brainstorm lots of ideas.
  4. Define the most significant unmet need.
5.  How does design thinking improve the way solutions are created?
  1. It involves designing the solution in the lab and not deviating from the plan.
  2. It involves starting with an existing solution and making an incremental change.
  3. It involves gathering regular feedback from users who try out your prototype so you can continuously improve it.
  4. It involves spending a lot of time developing a fully-featured solution before testing it.

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