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Exam Preview

Advancing Connectivity 2.0

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1.  Which of the following apps is necessary for the patient to take part in Remote Fitting?
  1. SoundLink 2 and SoundLink Connect
  2. SoundLink and SoundLink Connect
  3. SoundLink 2
  4. SoundLink Connect
2.  What does ‘ASHA’ stand for when discussing streaming and Android phones?
  1. Android Streaming for Hearing Aids
  2. Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids
  3. Alternate Streaming for Hearing Aids
  4. Android Streaming for Hearing Accessibility
3.  When pairing Radiant devices with an Android phone, which of the following is the proper pairing process?
  1. Pair the hearing aids through Accessibility first and then through the app.
  2. Pair the hearing aids through the phone settings only, do not use the app.
  3. Download the app first and pair the hearing aids directly through the app.
  4. Do not pair or use the hearing aids with the Android phone.
4.  Which of the following Bluetooth protocols transmits DATA ONLY?
  1. Apple Bluetooth Low Energy
  2. Proprietary Long Distance 2.4 GHz
  3. Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids
  4. Bluetooth Low Energy
5.  Of the following options, which was noted as a ‘new’ connectivity option found within Radiant devices?
  1. Hands-free communication for iPhone and iPad
  2. Direct audio streaming with compatible Android phones
  3. Remote fitting
  4. Wireless firmware updates

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