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Exam Preview

Tools for Enhancing the Music Experience

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1.  Which of these is NOT a core element of music?
  1. Rhythm
  2. Melody
  3. Timber
  4. None of the above, they are all core elements of music
2.  Auto Music is designed to automatically engage when:
  1. Streamed music is playing in the hearing aids
  2. A phone call is being streamed to the hearing aids
  3. Acoustic Music is present in the environment and speech is not the primary input signal
  4. Auto Music must be manually engaged and will not automatically engage
3.  Which is true about Stream Boost?
  1. Engages automatically when streaming begins
  2. Puts the hearing aids in a dedicated music memory
  3. Maximizes gain in the hearing aids
  4. Can not be manipulated at all
4.  In the dedicated music memory, audible gain is across
  1. 2000 Hz
  2. 7000 Hz
  3. 10,000 Hz
  4. 25,000 Hz
5.  What is the average dB SPL of music at ear level?
  1. 20 dB SPL
  2. 50 dB SPL
  3. 100 dB SPL
  4. All of the above

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