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Exam Preview

Optimizing the Thrive Mobile App

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1.  Which of the following must occur to successfully pair the hearing aids to the Thrive App?
  1. Bluetooth must be turned on within the phone
  2. The phone must be turned off prior to pairing
  3. The Data Log in the hearing aids must be cleared prior to pairing
  4. The Thrive app must be enabled in Inspire software
2.  Which of the following is true of Stream Boost?
  1. The frequency response may not be adjusted by the professional
  2. Stream Boost does not take into account the patient’s audiogram
  3. The frequency response may be adjusted by the professional
  4. Stream Boost is available on only IIC technology
3.  Users that have iPhones can now accept a phone call via a ________________.
  1. Push and Hold of the user control
  2. Turn the rotary VC
  3. Short Press of the user control
  4. Remote Control accessory
4.  Which features are NOT available in the Basic version of the Thrive mobile app?
  1. Memory & Fall Alert
  2. Accessories & Wellness Score
  3. Volume Control and Edge Mode
  4. Mute & Find my Hearing Aids
5.  What are good first-steps to troubleshooting a patient’s connectivity issue?
  1. Check device compatibility and update the Inspire software
  2. Check device compatibility, make sure Bluetooth is on, and check if hearing aids are paired
  3. Update the smart device then offer an accessory instead
  4. Check device compatibility, make sure Bluetooth is off, and update the Inspire software

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