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20Q: Hearing Aid Levels of Technology—Supporting Research Evidence?

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1.  Hearing aid technology levels or ‘tiers’ refer to:
  1. A family/platform of products from a manufacturer
  2. Products that rise in technological sophistication from basic to premium products
  3. Products that rise in price from basic to premium products
  4. All of the above
2.  In general, as the technology level rises:
  1. Cost decreases for patient
  2. Cost decreases for audiologists
  3. Cost increases for both audiologist and patient
  4. Cost remains the same
3.  What was the general time frame that the first well-designed study was published on evaluating the impact of hearing aid technology level on outcomes in daily life?
  1. ~2005
  2. ~2010
  3. ~2016
  4. None of the above
4.  When basic and premium hearing aids were compared beyond the laboratories across multiple studies, which outcome measure was improved when using premium hearing aids?
  1. Satisfaction ratings for speech in large groups
  2. SSQ
  3. APHAB
  4. None
5.  When basic and premium hearing aids were compared across multiple studies, which factors impacted user preference?
  1. Acceptance of noise
  2. Listening demands of the user
  3. Desire to have connectivity options
  4. All of the above

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