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Beyond the Audiogram: Understanding the Role of Cognitive Screening, Speech in Noise (and more) in Amplification

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1.  According to Shen et al. (2016), audiologists are likely to encounter which of the following?
  1. People with strong emotional reactions
  2. People with Medicare Advantage
  3. People with ocular and balance issues
  4. People with undiagnosed cognitive impairment
2.  Mild Cognitive Impairment occurs in what percentage of people age 60+ yrs?
  1. 5%
  2. 15-20%
  3. 40%
  4. 65%
3.  Screening tests and diagnostic tests:
  1. Provide very different information
  2. Are the same
  3. Are used interchangeably
  4. Usually include false negatives
4.  Which of these are commercially available cognitive screeners?
  1. MiniClock MiniCog MiniWord
  2. MiniCog Cognivue-Thrive RANT
  4. SLUMS MOCA Cognivue-Thrive
5.  The group in Holland (2022) recommended setting hearing aids with which of the following?
  1. No noise reduction
  2. Noise reduction set strongly
  3. Noise reduction via long release times
  4. Frequency compression

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