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Textbook CE Course: Relationship-Centered Consultation Skills for Audiologists

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1.  Which of the following describes relationship centered communication?
  1. Two-way and improvisational
  2. One-way and prescriptive
  3. Multifaceted and unique
  4. Multi-layered and transactional
2.  Which of the following two terms are often used interchangeably with relationship centered communication?
  1. Paternalistic and prescriptive care
  2. Transactional and efficient communication
  3. One-way flow of communication and memorable bedside manner
  4. Motivational interviewing and shared decision making
3.  At which stage of change are persons with hearing loss often ready to accept a treatment recommendation?
  1. Contemplation
  2. Preparation
  3. Action
  4. Relapse
4.  When in-person and virtual care are combined it is referred to as which of the following?
  1. Blended care
  2. Holistic care
  3. Transactional care
  4. Paternalistic care
5.  Asking patients to quantify their perception of their condition, using a number, is an example of which type of question?
  1. Open ended
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Scaling
  4. Indirect

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