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Exam Preview

How to Personalize Your Patient’s Hearing Solution

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1.  What is Augmented Focus?
  1. A unique Signia feature that decreases gain for the wearers own voice
  2. Split processing that uses separate compression knee points and rations to help create contrast between speech and background noise
  3. The name of Signia’s artificial intelligence system
  4. A venting algorithm for Signia’s Insio custom hearing aids
2.  The dynamic soundscape processing slider can be found where in Connexx?
  1. In the configuration page
  2. Under the Service Menu on the top tool bar
  3. On the Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0 page accessed from the options on the left navigation menu
  4. On the first fit screen accessed from the options on the left navigation menu
3.  How does the patient engage with Signia Assistant?
  1. Through Signia TeleCare
  2. Tapping on the face icon in the upper right corner of the Signia App
  3. Typing Signia assistant in a Google search
  4. Though the Connexx fitting software
4.  Split processing utilizes what feature in Signia hearing aids?
  1. The receiver
  2. The volume control
  3. The battery contacts for rechargeable hearing aids
  4. The directional microphone system
5.  Where can the hearing care professional see the Signia Assistant engagement?
  1. In the Connexx fitting software
  2. In the app on the patient's phone
  3. From a companion app to demo Signia hearing aids
  4. On the Signia website

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