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Exam Preview

Embrace OTCs for Hearing Health

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1.  Why is it important to learn about OTCs in hearing health?
  1. OTCs are an industry disruptor that will impact hearing health
  2. OTCs are meant to compete with traditional audiology practices
  3. OTCs make practice more difficult
  4. OTCs are not reliable
2.  What is one important tool for incorporating OTCs in practice?
  1. Advertising OTCs
  2. Dissuading patients from choosing OTCs
  3. Discussing the high costs of OTCs
  4. Practicing Clear communication on the benefits and resources of OTCs
3.  What is one way to get more engagement with patients who prefer to go the OTC route?
  1. Refer them to an OTC retail location
  2. Convince them to get different care
  3. Increase office appointments
  4. Ensure patient satisfaction with education and follow-up.
4.  How do patients seeking OTCs differ from those seeking prescribed hearing devices?
  1. They do not want to see a hearing specialist
  2. They may not be ready for a prescribed device but want access to hearing assistance
  3. They are just like those seeking prescribed hearing devices
  4. They have a fear of prescribed hearing devices
5.  What is a way patients can use CareCredit for their OTC hearing care?
  1. They can select from multiple financing options to get the care they need
  2. They can select only standard term loans
  3. They can select only standard term loans
  4. They can only finance custom hearing devices

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