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Sonic Captivate - April 2019

Audiology Products Announces the Release of the AcoustiCover


Audiology Products is pleased to announce that its AcoustiCover has been awarded patent number 5545859. The AcoustiCover is the first Infection Control/Acoustically Transparent disposable earphone cover for use in all audiometric settings. The device has the FDA Class II Medical Device classification and has been studied by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. A viral penetration study examined the qualities of the earphone material and found the samples were effective barriers to the viral challenge throughout the 60 minute exposure time. Acoustical transparency studies found "cover on" verses "cover off" differences to be less 3.3dB at all audiological test frequencies. Covers are available in all sizes with sewn elastic and in sheets with reusable elastic bands.

Product information and The Summary of Safety and Effectiveness can be found at The developer can be contacted by email at and by phone at (509) 662-7143, Pacific Daylight Time.

Inquires and orders can by made through Audiology Products C/O Pak It Rite at 517 South Wenatchee, WA. 98801. The toll free number is (877) 218-6358. The fax number is
(509) 663-3506.

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