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Audioscan Announces the 2018.1 Software Release!


Dorchester, Ontario March 13, 2018 – Audioscan is pleased to announce the release of 2018.1 software for its market-leading Verifit®, Axiom® and RM500SL® brands. 

Audioscan’s Chris Stokes-Rees, Applications Specialist, said, “This software release addresses several oft-requested improvements that hearing care professionals will immediately value.”

Core features in this new 2018.1 software release include:

  1. Boost range for monitor headphones to aid in troubleshooting low-gain instruments (VF2)
  2. Quick copy in the WRECD measurement screen (VF2)
  3. Software to support the new Verifit Skull Simulator (VF2 & VF s/n 2070+)
  4. Accurate screen captures for presentations and publishing (VF2 & AX)
  5. Venting type for open versus occluding instrument selection in Speechmap® (VF2 & AX)
  6. Easily operate from within the Noah module with on-top mode (VF2 &AX)
  7. Conveniently choose day-of-week for W/RECD transducer calibration expiry (VF2 & AX)
  8. Automatic extrapolation of DSL targets (VF2 & AX)

Audioscan owners can download this free software update for their specific model by logging in at  or contact their local Audioscan sales representative for friendly, professional assistance. To learn more or to purchase an Audioscan product, go to for information and the location of your nearest distributor.

About Audioscan

Audioscan is the leading manufacturer of hearing instrument verification systems in North America. The company manufactures the Verifit®2 and Axiom® brands. Audioscan’s pioneering achievements include Speechmap® sound visualization and the use of real speech for best-science hearing aid verification. For more information visit the Audioscan website at or the Audioscan Partners Page on AudiologyOnline.

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