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Gerry Kearby, In Memoriam


Gerry Kearby, co-founder and CEO of Neurotone Inc., the company that produced LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement), the first interactive, computerized, adaptive auditory training program, passed away on August 6, 2012.

Gerry led a remarkable life and career that included teaching award-winning drum line performers, designing custom equipment for the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Starship, and cofounding the first online music company, Liquid Audio. LACE was created as a result of a cooperative venture between Gerry and his long-time business partner, Rob Modeste, with UCSF audiologists Robert Sweetow and Jennifer Henderson Sabes, co-inventors of LACE. In fact, Kearby and Sweetow met as a result of their respective relationships with the Grateful Dead. Gerry often said that "We had spent our careers making people deaf, It was time to fix some of the damage we had done." LACE training has helped thousands of hearing impaired individuals and most recently has been made available as an online product. Gerry's innovation, vision, and kindred spirit will be sadly missed by both the music and hearing health industries.

Neurotone wishes to assure the hearing health care community that it will continue to develop and sell the LACE and Hearbot product lines.

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