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Starkey Genesis - August 2023

Larson Davis Introduces It's SYS008 & SYS009 Turnkey Audiometer Calibration Systems


It is vital that the audiometers used in hearing conservation programs and in clinical audiology be calibrated and certified at regular intervals. The new turnkey Larson Davis audiometer calibration systems combine the speed and power of the System824 realtime analyzer with sophisticated, yet user-friendly AUDitTM software. Standard audiometer specification tests can be performed manually or under computer control with greater ease than with any other system. To interface with the large range of audiometer transducers, the LD family of couplers includes NBS 9-A and IEC 318 couplers as well as an extremely practical artificial mastoid.

* Verify audiometers quickly and accurately with exhaustive tests based on ANSI S3.6-1996 Specification for Audiometers

* Test nearly every type of transducer with couplers such as the LD AEC100 (supra-aural), AEC101 (extended range and circumaural), AMC493 (vibrator) or other standard couplers

* Correct automatically as AUDitTM makes RETSPLs, microphone, coupler and all other response adjustments

* Perform audiometer adjustments on the fly during level and frequency tests

* Qualify test booth ambient noise with realtime 1/3 octaves per ANSI S3.1-1991

* Store tests in database, search and recall by audiometer, technician, date, etc.

* Print custom reports and certificates for your customers or your own archives

Finally, there is a rugged, portable solution for in-house or in-field calibration, which sacrifices none of the accuracy and stability of laboratory instrumentation.

AEC101 ARTIFICIAL EAR: IEC 318 Coupler for extended frequency earphone testing

Circumaural earphones are often used in modern audiometers offering stimuli at frequencies higher than 8000 Hz. The new LD AEC101 IEC 318 coupler better represents higher frequency earphone to ear coupling and is therefore indicated in worldwide standards for testing circumaural earphones.

The AEC101 is made of surgical quality stainless steel for durable performance. Its internal cavities provide the complex impedance stipulated in IEC 60318-1:1998, IEC 60318-2:1998 and ANSI S3.7-1995 standards. When combined with the LD Model 2559 precision ½in. microphone and LD audiometer calibration systems, it offers a market leading price/performance ratio.

Everything you need:

The AEC101 is supplied with accessories to test extended frequencies on earphones such as the KossTM HV1/A and SennheiserTM HDA200, as well as standard frequencies on TelephonicsTM TDH series earphones. Weights and plates for all supported earphone types are neatly packaged in a light, weather tight case.

Further information can be obtained from Larson Davis.
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