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HearUSA - Newsweek - September 2023

Mira Mesa Area Residents Now Have Access to Better Hearing Health with the Opening of HearUSA’s Hearing Center of the Future


The new center features state-of-the art engagement technologies, a solution wall, interactive displays, and expert advice from licensed Hearing Care Professionals.

Mira Mesa, CALIFORNIA, November 14, 2023 — Reinforcing its commitment to expand access to Simply Excellent Hearing Care for everyone that needs it, leading hearing care retailer HearUSA today announced the opening of a new Mira Mesa Hearing Center of the Future at 9166 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Suite 4 in San Diego.   

The new Mira Mesa location joins a growing network of existing HearUSA Hearing Centers of the Future in California, Texas, and Florida that are part of a multi-year plan to roll out new centers across the country — expanding access to hearing care for the estimated 48 million Americans who are living with hearing loss. 

The new Mira Mesa center features a consumer-friendly environment where clients can explore prescription hearing aids from leading brands like Widex and Signia, as well as over the counter (OTC) self-fitting solutions from Sony. They can also receive a complimentary hearing evaluation, experience simulated hearing environments, and test various hearing aids with guidance from licensed Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs). 
“The United States has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, but the percentage of those treating their hearing loss remains low with estimates ranging between 20% and 30% in the US,” Nick Mengerink, President of HearUSA, said today. “A major reason for this situation is a lack of access to hearing care. An estimated 48 million Americans live with some form of hearing loss and many of them have not been able, until now, to do anything about it.”

“That’s why we are opening our new Centers of the Future in underserved communities across the country,” he continued. “With every new center opening, we’re expanding access to the highest possible quality of professional hearing care in a new, client-friendly environment that empowers them to take the first step on the life-changing journey toward better hearing.”  

The HearUSA Hearing Centers of the Future are designed from the ground up to make accessing hearing care easier and more client-centric than ever before. 
All centers feature a new design concept that is modern, innovative, welcoming, and engaging; open spaces and product displays; key touchpoints that include a welcome hub, solutions wall, as well as calming and professional consultation rooms.

At the core of the center experience are HearUSA HCPs, who are equipped to help clients discover and understand the latest in innovative hearing aids and their various capabilities – like wireless connectivity to their smartphone, laptop, or tablet – that are necessary for their successful adoption. 
HearUSA’s unique Hear Better Today program provides clients with hearing aids the same day they are evaluated and fitted so they don’t have to wait to experience the life changing benefits that hearing aids deliver. 

The company’s leadership in insurance also enables clients to get the most from their benefits and flexible financing plans further expand access to better hearing. What’s more, HearUSA is committed to making sure all clients can immediately experience the benefits of hearing aids with its no-risk trial program.

“With the opening of this new Hearing Center of the Future in Mira Mesa, our local HCPs are equipped with a complete portfolio of the world’s best diagnostic tools, hearing aid solutions, and financing options for all area residents, across all levels of hearing loss and budget,” Amanda Brattebo, HearUSA Mira Mesa Hearing Aid Dispenser, said. “If you live in this great community and need a hearing aid, HearUSA can help you — guaranteed.”

HearUSA was recently named America’s number one hearing care retailer as part of Newsweek and Statista Inc.’s America's Best Retailers 2023. 

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