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Ponto 3 SuperPower Now Available - New Treatment Option for Bone Anchored Hearing


February 10, 2017.  Somerset, NJ.  Oticon Medical has recently introduced the world's most powerful abutment-level sound processor, Ponto 3 SuperPower.

In addition to the highest ever output from an abutment-level processor, Ponto 3 SuperPower features the industry’s widest bandwidth, and the Inium Sense platform for greater clarity and understanding.  

The unique UltraDriveTM technology in Ponto 3 SuperPower, together with the new Inium Sense platform, boosts the signal to the transducer while minimizing the risk of feedback.  Ponto 3 SuperPower can fit hearing losses up to 65 dB average bone conduction threshold, for people with mixed hearing loss and Single Sided Deafness (SSD).

Ponto 3 SuperPower combines an award-winning discreet design and small size with a battery that is designed to last.  It is available in dedicated left and right versions that smoothly follow the natural contours of the ear, and in six colors to blend with most hair shades.  It connects simply to the abutment without the hassle of cords or the bulk of ear- or body-worn devices.

Ponto 3 SuperPower

“The introduction of Ponto 3 SuperPower opens up a new paradigm in bone anchored hearing,” stated Alan Raffauf, Oticon Medical’s Vice President of Marketing. “For the first time ever, people can get the power that they need in a bone anchored solution, without sacrificing  cosmetics.  In terms of performance, our BrainHearing™ philosophy was the foundation for the development of this solution.  As a result, Ponto 3 SuperPower provides audibility and signal processing that supports the brain's cognitive processes to make listening easier.”

New tools and features in Genie Medical fitting software makes it easier for professionals to provide a more accurate and individualized fitting for all Ponto bone anchored sound processors.  The new FLogram (similar to the SPLogram used in hearing aid fittings) visualizes the patient’s auditory dynamic range for Ponto fittings on abutment, making it easy to evaluate audibility and dynamic range with the sound processor setting. And, Oticon Medical is the first in the industry to provide the DSL-BC fitting rationale, which is an adaption of the widespread DSL prescriptive fitting rationale, and was developed by leading experts specifically for bone anchored hearing.

To learn more about this exciting new processor, register for the upcoming CE webinar on AudiologyOnline, Ponto 3 SuperPower, New Treatment Option for Bone Anchored Hearing System Patients.  More information can also be found at and the Oticon Medical Expo on AudiologyOnline.

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