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Starkey Hearing Technologies Sponsors Fellows-In-Training Travel (FITT) Student AudiologyNOW!


Leading American-owned and –operated hearing aid manufacturer sponsors 20 audiology graduate students.    

MINNEAPOLIS (February 14, 2017) — Starkey® Hearing Technologies is pleased to be a leading industry supporter of audiology students and faculty. Once again, we are honored to sponsor the Fellows-In-Training (FITT) Student AN! Grant.

The FITT program offers audiology graduate students funding to attend the AudiologyNOW! Conference happening April 5-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, 33 applications were submitted, and 20 students were selected for their academic and future plans to contribute to the profession of audiology.

“As the largest sponsor of audiology student-related initiatives, we are proud to help sponsor these 20 dedicated students,” Starkey Hearing Technologies Chief Audiology Officer Sara Burdak said. “FITT is one of the many initiatives we support through the American Academy of Audiology to help students become involved with the professional audiology community and access the scores of knowledge to be gained at these national conferences. We’ve seen first-hand with our Starkey University Workshop, the profound impact that these kinds of events can have for young audiology professionals. Whether they end up working in a private practice, a faculty role or in a research setting, the opportunity to experience, learn and network is invaluable to their future and the future of audiology.”

The following students were awarded the 2017 FITT Grant:

Anderson, Christine

University of North Texas

Bieber, Rebecca

University of Maryland

Bjerke, Bailey

University of Minnesota

Bruccheri, Kaitlyn

Rush University

Denney, Nicole

University of Kansas Medical Center

Hinson, Megan

University of Memphis

Medina, Brittney

University of Washington

Moulding, Lisa

University of Akron (NOAC)

Nicholson, Monique

Missouri State University

Noud, Brianne

Washington University

Parker, Jordan

Northwestern University

Rodriguez, Noelia

University of Puerto Rico

Simmons, Heather

University of Florida

Wadell, Paige

East Tennessee State University

Walsh, Casey

University of South Alabama

Williams, Chelsey

University of Pittsburgh

Wysocki, Bethany

University of Cincinnati

Young, Ariel

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Yue, Monica

University of Minnesota

Zakharenko, Viktorya

University of Minnesota

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