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Q&A from the most trusted names in audiology.

How Does Machine Learning in the Widex EVOKE Hearing Aid Work?

Oliver Townend

October 15, 2018

How does machine learning in the Widex EVOKE hearing aid work?   Read More

Will Widex Machine Learning Hearing Aids Save the Hearing Care Professional Time?

Oliver Townend

September 10, 2018

Will machine learning hearing aids save the hearing care professional time?   Read More

How Can Hearing Care Professionals Benefit from a Hearing Aid with Widex Machine Learning?

Oliver Townend

August 13, 2018

How will hearing care professionals benefit from a hearing aid with machine learning?   Read More

Why is Hearing Aid Personalization Important to Patients?

Oliver Townend

July 16, 2018

How do you define hearing aid personalization, and why is that important to hearing aid wearers?   Read More

What Motivated Widex to Develop a Hearing Aid with Machine Learning?

Oliver Townend

June 18, 2018

What motivated Widex to develop a hearing aid with machine learning?   Read More

How Can I Save Time on Social Media Marketing for my Business?

Melanie Hecker, AuD

March 2, 2015

I have a Facebook account for my business, but post rather infrequently because my time is too limited. Do you have any suggestions to how to help this situation and get the most from my posts?   Read More

Is Social Media Important for Marketing a Hearing Care Practice?

Melanie Hecker, AuD

February 2, 2015

As a person who isn’t actively involved in personal social media, do you think it is worth it for me to start social media accounts for my business?   Read More

Using Tinnitus Questionnaires in Treatment

Robert W. Sweetow, PhD

September 30, 2013

When using serial questionnaires to measure a tinnitus patient's progress, do you let the patient see their previous results?   Read More

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