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20Q: Consumer Insights on Hearing Aids, PSAPs, OTC Devices, and More from MarkeTrak 10

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1.  MarkeTrak surveys are conducted under the guidance of what organization?
  1. Hearing Industries Association
  2. AudiologyOnline
  3. Healthy Hearing
  4. Mueller Industries
2.  According to MarkeTrak 10, what statement is true about hearing aid market penetration (adoption rate)?
  1. It is decreasing
  2. It is likely increasing, with a 4% increase from the last survey
  3. It has been the same since 1989
  4. It has never been surveyed before so there is no data
3.  Which were among the top reasons that hearing aid owners purchased hearing aids, according to MarkeTrak 10?
  1. Two for one offer and spouse pressured them
  2. Liked the practice and got a tax refund
  3. Felt pressure from ENT and Received a Groupon
  4. Hearing test demonstrated need and they trusted the hearing care professional
4.  What are the top reasons that hearing aid non-owners who have hearing difficulty report not taking action to get hearing aids?
  1. They feel they hear "well enough", and financial issues (too expensive/cannot afford))
  2. Stigma, and belief that hearing aids don't work
  3. Feel they are too young, and sensitive skin
  4. Waiting for cure for hearing loss, Prefers to ignore spouse/caregiver
5.  According to the article, what is the single biggest motivator for non-owners to purchase hearing aids?
  1. physician recommendation
  2. spouse/children nagging
  3. having insurance or third party coverage
  4. celebrity endorsement
6.  Which of the following statements are true regarding hearing aid satisfaction, according to MarkeTrak?
  1. hearing aid satisfaction is declining, with consumers reporting higher satisfaction with older hearing aids
  2. hearing aid satisfaction has plateaued at around 50%
  3. hearing aid satisfaction is not as high as consumer products like personal computers or cell phones
  4. hearing aids have an overall satisfaction rate of 83% in the most recent survey
7.  Which hearing aid feature increased satisfaction significantly?
  1. directional microphones
  2. telecoil
  3. app for smartphone
  4. all of the above
8.  Which statement is true about hearing aid owners' satisfaction with their hearing care professional?
  1. Hearing care professionals have no impact on hearing aid satisfaction
  2. Satisfaction rate with the hearing care professional were reported at 30% in MarkeTrak 10
  3. Satisfaction rate with the hearing care professional was reported to be 50% in MarkeTrak 10
  4. Satisfaction rate with the hearing care professional was reported to be 94% in MarkeTrak 10
9.  What can hearing care professionals do to increase satisfaction with hearing aids, according to MarkeTrak 10?
  1. put patients first - provide realistic expectations, sufficiently address questions/concerns, provide easy follow up and visits
  2. counsel regarding the benefits of hearing aids but do not discuss realistic expectations or potential negatives, in order to put patients in a positive mindset
  3. only offer premium products from one brand to keep the selection process simple
  4. use high pressure sales tactics, with a focus on how hearing aid use prevents dementia
10.  Based on MarkeTrak 10 findings, what are examples of opportunities many professionals have when it comes to patients interested in OTC devices and/or PSAPs?
  1. Professionals can lobby against them and warn consumers that all these devices are harmful and dangerous
  2. Professionals can manufacture these devices in their office and white label them
  3. No role since consumers are savvy enough to assess and fit themselves with these devices
  4. Assessment of hearing loss, device selection, troubleshooting if issues arise

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